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Late Night & Lighter Fare

Club Sandwiches

 ItemPrice  ItemPrice
  Pub Club
Corned Beef on rye with lettuce, tomato, Swiss and Russian dressing.
$8.50  Turkey Club
Oven roasted turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast.
  Roast Beef Club
Sliced beef with bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast.
$8.50  Ham Club
Sliced ham with American cheese, lettuce and tomato on toast.
  Tuna Club
Tuna with American cheese, lettuce and tomato on toast.

Hot Sandwiches

 ItemPrice  ItemPrice
  Hot Turkey-Opened Faced
Oven roasted served with French fries and cranberry sauce.
$8.95  French Dip
Served with French Fries and au jus.
  Hot Roast Beef-Opened Faced
Choice top round served with French fries.
$8.95  Hot Sausage Sandwich or Torpedo
The BEST Italian sausage we cound find.
  Steak Sandwich
Charbroiled on toast with lettuce, tomato and served with French fries.
$14.95  Hot Sausage Sandwich or Torpedo
Hot Meatball Sandwich or Torpedo.

 ItemPrice  ItemPrice
  Oven Roasted Turkey
Served with lettuce and mayo.
$6.30  Roasted Top Round of Beef
Served with lettuce amd mayo.
  Ham & Swiss Cheese
On rye with mustard.
$6.30  Corned Beef
On rye with mustard.
On rye with mustard.
$6.30  B.L.T.
On white toast.
On white bread.
$6.30  Fish Fry
Large filet served with chili sauce.
  Clam Strip Roll
Served with French fries and cole slaw.

From the Grill
All served with pickles and potato chips.
 ItemPrice  ItemPrice
Served with peppers and onions on a hard roll.
$4.95  Burger
Quarter pound charbroiled.
Quarter pound charbroiled and topped with American Cheese.
$4.05  Western Egg
Ham, egg and onion on white bread.
  Grilled Cheese, Tomato & Bacon
American cheese, hickory bacon and vine ripened tomato.
$6.55  Ham & Cheese
Virgina baked ham and Swiss cheese on rye. Served with mustard
Corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut on rye. Served with Russian dressing or mustard.
$8.40  Chicken Breast Sandwich
On a roll with lettuce.
  Grilled Cheese
American cheese on white bread.
$3.95  Turkey Reuben
Turkey, Swiss and cole slaw on rye. Served with Russian dressing.
  Hot Steak Torpedo
Sliced and served with mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese.
$8.60  Hot Pastrami
On rye with mustard.

Dieters Delight

 ItemPrice  ItemPrice
  Chef's Salad
Fresh topped with ham, roast beef, turkey and American cheese. Topped with your favorite dressing.
Large -
Small -

   Greek Salad
Fresh salad topped with scallions, black olives, romaine lettuce, rigatoni, roasted peppers, feta cheese and topped with Italian dressing.
Large -
Small -


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